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Alasdair Ford Of Proactive, Informative Update On Zinc “A Strong Global Economy And Dwindling Supply Pushing Zinc Price Higher

Alasdair Ford of Proactive, informative update on zinc “A strong global economy and dwindling supply pushing zinc price higher

Mining Capital's Alastair Ford says zinc, the metal used to galvanise steel, is soaring in price due to the global economy marching forward and a strong demand for all sorts of metals. Ford says because zinc supplies have dwindled, the prices have increased to the highest level in more than 10 years. Ford says he imagines the price of zinc will increase even higher, but he doesn't believe prices will double -- likely price increases will come in a more…

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Zinc Is Hot At That The Moment And Likely To Be Hotter Over The Next Two Years

Zinc is hot at that the moment and likely to be hotter over the next two years

John Teeling, Chairman of Connemara Mining talks abot the rise in the share price of over 30% this year and how this has been helped by the rise in popularity in Zinc. Teeling says that the level of profitability in Ireland is good and they are perfectly poised to take advantage in the rise in Zinc prices. Connemara has access to 35 licences within Ireland. Connemara may continue to explore within Ireland and if a discovery is made may look…

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Ideal To Be Diversified In Ireland – Connemara Mining

Ideal to be diversified in Ireland – Connemara Mining

Patrick Cullen, CEO of Connemara Mining says the company is focused on the gold projects. He adds, “It is ideal to be diversified in Ireland”. The nation is an emerging gold exploration province. Watch the full segment as- Cullen shares his vision Updates viewers about company’s gold and zinc projects And talks about Connemara’s recent successful fundraising effort and how and where it intends to employ the funds

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