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The Inishowen Project comprises 12 contiguous blocks in on the Inishowen peninsula in north County Donegal, Ireland.  Connemara acquired 5 licences in April 2015 added a further 6 prospecting licences to the block in April 2017.  Work conducted by previous companies and the newly published Tellus Data indicate this area to have significant gold potential. The targets are similar (mesothermal veins) and hosted in similar geology (Dalradian Supergroup) to the deposits at Galantas Mine and at the Curraghinalt Project in Tyrone 40 km away. Connemara is the first company to drill for gold targets in the area.

Figure 1: Compilation map showing location of Inishowen gold targets (click on image for full size view)

Drill targets were selected at the Meeneragh prospect and two phases of intial drilling were completed in 2016, which identified a series of parallel gold bearing veins.  Five additional drill holes were completed in October 2017 in order to better understand the orientation of the high grade veins intercepted in 2016 and to locate further veins noted in historic exploration, lying to the south. The 2017 drilling has identified further narrow quartz veins in the vicinity of the high-grade intersection in 16-MR-07 and 16-MR-07 drilled in 2016.  It is clear that the veins pinch and swell, orientation is with the bedding.  Prospecting has identified sulphide in quartz in four new areas, each of which is promising to host  gold mineralisation. To date, a total of 1113 metres has been drilled on twelve holes. Highlights of drill results are shown in table 1 below.

Table 1: Key gold intersections

Figure 2: Compilation map of drilling

Section 1: 16-MR-01, 02, 05 and 17-MR-12

Section 2: 16-MR-06, 04, 03, 07 and 17-MR-08

Image 1: Drilling 17-MR-08

Image 2: Site after drilling 17-MR-09

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